Dynasty Trade Question - D Adams

Dynasty trade question… PPR format… should I trade Ekeler, Kirk, and Samuel for Davante Adams?

RBs I would have left are Henry, Mostert, Hunt, Cohen.

My current core of WRs without Adams are Ridley, Boyd, Woods, Kirk, Fuller, Hardman, Samuel.

Also, my league can only start max 3 RBs, but WR you can start up to 6.


that’s a lot in my opinion I’d hold on to what you’ve got with ekeler and deebo, who could both end the year top 10 at their position. Kirk I can take or leave, but some people really like him too. You’re sacrificing a lot of high-level guys it feels like too much especially with the way the packers want to move away from rodgers

To clarify, it’s Curtis Samuel not Deebo. Would that change anything for you?

Your RB would be one injury away from becoming very scarce… I’m not a huge Eckler fan but don’t think you should be giving him up.

Maybe you can offer him two WR instead if he really needs depth? Throw in woods with with Kirk or Samuel?