Dynasty Trade Question DJ Kamara

Hi all,

Simple question for Dynasty:

Team 1 Gives DJ and 2019 1st (most likely mid round)
Team 2 gives Kamara and Landry

Which side would you guys take? Is it close?

keep dj and the first round, not close to me really.

Close but I’d take the DJ side.

I see I’m in the minority, but I don’t see DJ and Kamara as far apart at all… and I think Landry’s future is just as bright if not brighter than a mid-first round prospect? I would like the Kamara side. I think it’s close and fair and is a matter of preference. I personally would take the Kamara side, but it is close.

Couldn’t fault you there. I give DJ the edge for sure just from a pure volume perspective and what he’s been able to do. Kamara’s efficiency was out of this world last season. Not saying he can’t repeat it but just saying I’m not betting on it. I don’t think Kamara will ever be that 70-80% workload guy. Nor would I want him to.

And with regards to Landry, way too many mouths to feed in Cleveland. Now this news of Dez potentially joining? I just don’t feel that great about him and a mid 1st rounder potentially nets you one of the top RBs next year or can be used as trade stock going forward. I see Landry as a depreciating asset whereas the 1st round pick can really only appreciate in value.

But it’s close so I can’t fault you either way.

DJ by a lot for me. Like a lot a lot. I’d take him straight up over that package.