Dynasty trade question featuring DJ

What are your thoughts going after DJ in a 16 team dynasty (PPR).

The trade offer presented is i recieve D. Johnson for Cohen, C. Samuel and a 2020 1st.

My RBs:
Lat Murray
C. Thompson
I. Smith
C. Edmond

M. Thomas
C. Ridley
N. Agholor
C. Hogan

Any thoughts?

I would do that. You need a stud RB and DJ could be that guy. I’m big on DJ this season. Although I do like Samuel’s opportunity and Cohen is a PPR stud, but you’re getting DJ which he should be top 5 RB this season.

Change for DJ changed to…

C. Ridley
T. Cohen
2020 2nd

Thoughts. I do not really want to loss a second year WR, that can become a stud. But I will if it is worth it to get a RB stud now.

I would probably do it. You need help with RB and and with it being such a big league, DJ will boost your team up more than ridley will, Because you have AB and Thomas your WR stock is perfect you can suffer a little hit in that dept. And changing it to a 2nd round pick helps a lot. Next years rookie draft is stacked. Need that first rounder. IMO. Id do it


I would take this. I think you can more easily find a replacement stud WR that gets overlooked in a 16 team league than an RB

I think you have to accept the trade. DJ will make your team better than Cohen, Ridley and the pick will.

DJ just said in an interview that he was told they want him on the field for 90 plays a game this season. That’s more than they had total per game as a team last season.

I think it’s more than any team ever.