Dynasty Trade Question Featuring Green and D. Freeman

I have someone interested in trading for AJ Green. I am will to make a trade. He is willing to send D. Freeman my way. Looking to offer…

AJ Green/Howard


Freeman/M. Williams

My my remaining WRs:
J. Julio
TY Hilton
M. Lee
R. Cobb
C. Hogan
A. Wilson
Random others

My remaining RBs
Lat Murray
Random other

Start 2RBs, 3WRs and 2 Flex.
0.5 PPR


Any Thoughts.

I would make the trade. I believe AJ Green and Freeman are in the same range. I really like you getting Mike Williams for Jordan Howard. I think Howard is in the exact situation he was in Chicago. Williams upside potential compared to Howards is of much more value IMO.

Those are my thoughts. I hope I could get a deal done. I think need to get Movement on Green. He will be 31 before the season and has had Foot issue. Top dollar for him has faded and I want to get something for him.

Good Luck!