Dynasty Trade Question For Davante Adams

Dynasty trade question… full ppr… start max 3 RBs, start max 6 WRs… I was offered Davante Adams for Ekeler, Kirk, and Curtis Samuel.

My notable RBs left would be Henry, Mostert, Hunt, Cohen.

My current WR core is Ridley, Boyd, Woods, Kirk, Samuel, Fuller, Hardman.

Should I take this deal?

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I would take that. It will sting a bit losing Ekeler but Adams is a bit get. For me, I do not think Ekeler does what he did last year. You are selling him high. You will definitely need to do something to get some RB help, but Henry this season is probably fine and Mostert / Hunt both have potential to be useful to really helpful this year.

Kirk is in a super crowded room and a spread the ball system. I would let someone else take the hope on Samuel. I think he might make it this year, TBH, but not in the way Adams can impact your team.

I would look to move Henry this year if he is playing well. Try to break him into a rookie who has not yet performed and another piece.

But for now, I would take Adams. See if you can get him to toss in a 2021 2nd (maybe 3rd)? I like that better for you. Try to sell the upside potential of the guys they are getting. If that does not change anything, I’d still take the deal.

Just my thoughts but I hope they help!