Dynasty trade question - Keenan Allen

Superflex half PPR. Would you take the 1.06 for Keenan Allen? I’m thinking a huge yes but wondered if you had any thoughts.


Bump - thanks

I think it is close, I’d take the pick if I didn’t see myself contending, but I’d take Keenan if you think you can win this year. In my league, I traded the 1.06 for AJ Brown in the same format as your league

Agree with @JarekF21, if it was a top 3 pick i may take that either way for Allen but otherwise i’d hold if a contender trade if not, maybe get a 3rd in if you can too. His value will likely change after the draft one way or another depending on what LA do at QB (his perceived value) you could try and get more on hype with a big name rookie QB.

He also needs to be resigned but there a lot of other pieces to sign coming up so he may move on by 2022. He’s tough to value now, but short of a QB change his value is suppressed at the moment.

Thanks everyone. Decided to hold onto Allen as I’m a contender this year and I’ll have a chance with him as my WR3 (behind Hopkins and Golladay)

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