Dynasty Trade Question - OBJ

my OBJ/Royce for CMAC/Alshon/2019 1st? My RB depth is low (other RBs are Dion Lewis, Chubb, Crowell, Riddick, James White) and other WRs are Amari Cooper, Tyreek Hill, Josh Doctson, Julian Edelman, and others.

I think I’m crazy for even thinking of dealing OBJ and the offer should be more of a godfather status - but needed to check for my sanity.


Nope. Negative. Notta.

Yeah. No way you make this trade. I’d rather try to trade Dion at his highest value for another sleeper guy. Alshon is hurt yet again, ext year’s draft is heavy on… you guessed it… WR, and I don’t think CMac is going to return his hyped value IMHO. I’m not a big fan of Freeman but he could be a Jordan Howard upside type of guy. I live in Colorado and Freeman is getting crazy love from Elway and the coaches. I’m only giving up a stud for another stud or stud potential and no one he is offering has that. Maybe try to trade Dion for a bounce back guy? Just an idea.