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Dynasty trade question. Who got it better on this trade?


Simple question, recently i did a trade in my dynasty league that i took over that is trash. I traded travis kelce for isaiah crowell. Just straight up. I see it as a clear cut win for me, but what do you all think? I love hearing different perspectives. :slight_smile:


Ah @BusterD, we meet again.

Kelce is a top tier (or 2nd if Gronk is in a tier of his own), TE. However, the TE position seems to be developing more younger talent that could be very productive for a few years.

RBs have short careers with less and less 3 down backs. Crowell is only 24, and is showing a lot of potential.

In summary, short term the he wins, long term you win.


Haha yes Guinness good day ol chap.

I would agree eith that. Plus I have Enron as well so it’s not like I lost a ton of value. But i for sure needed a rb. I need a wr more though.


I’ve never really been a fan of Crowell’s skills but I can’t knock the results. I’m thinking Duke Johnson might be a post-hype sleeper this year too.

I probably would have held on to Kelce but it’s not a bad deal if you get the Crowell output from 2016 and don’t mind scrambling from week to week at TE.


I think “winning” the trade has as much to do with the needs of your team as anything else.

Sounds like you needed to pad your RB depth. So if The Crow addresses that need, this is a solid trade for you regardless. And it’s easy to assume some regression with Kelce this year; last year was just great, and Alex Smith would much rather have things be good or a-ok.

Personally, I have tempered my expectations for The Crow as of late (It’s The Browns!), but I totally get the reasoning for him being a solid play this season.

That all said, I think it’s a very fair trade for both. Both teams could benefit a lot from it, and there’s equal opportunity for the players to have a season that’ll prove their owner to win the trade.


He makes a good point, we are assuming that you weren’t already strong at RB.