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Dynasty trade question!

I got an offer for Evans… dobbins and Johnson from the Steelers for Evans… do I take it?

On paper, it currently favors Evan’s a out 80 percent of the time. But it depends on your roster.
I don’t think Johnson is the next big thing but he could be a high end WR3, low end WR2 and I personally love Dobbins. If you need RB help, take it

That’s nowhere near enough value for Mike Evans. You have two unproven players for someone who’s been in the league 6 years and never had under 1000 yards… You don’t give that away. Dobbins + Dionta Johnson is a great start, but there needs to be more in my opinion.

Tempting. A year or two from now, if Dobbins and Johnson pan out the way experts expect, you’ll be wishing you took that trade. However, don’t trade a proven stud that is still young, for unproven talent. As the other say, they’ll need to offer more. I just doubt they will want to pay more.