Dynasty Trade Question1

We’re adding an extra QB/TE position to our dynasty league. My roster consists of Russel Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, Eli Manning, and Joe Flacco. My RBs are Kamara, Ingram, Howard, Derrick Henry, and Tevin Coleman. My WRs are Larry Fitz, M. Thomas, Dez, D. Thomas, Goodwin, Kupp, and Moncrief. I also have the #2 pick in the rookie draft that I acquired in a trade.
With the new roster spot, having to play two QB’s every week, Would you consider trading Kamara and Fitz for Brady, Dion Lewis, and Adam Theilen?

Eh I don’t love it in terms of dynasy. You’d be getting back the oldest QB in football, an injury prone RB, and a sneaky old(er) WR in Thielen, he’ll be 28 this season. Don’t get me wrong, I love all 3 of those players. I’m a Pats fan so Brady and Lewis in particular I love. I just think if you’re trading one of the most explosive young backs in Kamara, you could be getting more.

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I feel the exact same way. I like it but it just doesn’t seem enough. But while Brady is an aging QB he should be more than fine coming into next year. And if Mahomes pans out I think I should be fine with QB depth. Dion Lewis isn’t too exciting but I do like him and he will be a serviceable fantasy back. Theilen I feel is an upgrade to my WR Corp. As for losing out on Kamara. While I like him and am more than happy to have him on my team I lean more towards the side of regression and with the #2 pick I have a decent chance of hitting at another RB. What do you think about adding a draft pick or what area do you think I should try to upgrade as a counter offer?

I’d try for more. It’s not an unreasonable offer, but you’re giving up the best player, so they need to pay up.

I would try to trade Ingram and some other player for a qb.

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That sounds like a good idea. Thanks for the input guys

Ingram really should be enough by himself, but in a 2 QB/Superflex the QB craze may make that problematic.

Would you consider someone like Brady for Ingram?

I would not trade an RB1 for a 41 YO QB, personally, especially one that may be losing Gronk, but I’d imagine you could get it done, if you wanted to.

Tom Brady, Dion Lewis and a 3rd round pick for Mark Ingram and Giovanni Bernard. Any better?

yeah I like that deal, nice! much better than giving up Kamara