Dynasty trade rb Q?

I got offered Derrick Henry, Christian Kirk and Singletary for DJ chark and kerryon Johnson… I wont list my team just wondering thoughts of the trade in general still have bell Gordon and Ingram at rb as starters though

My first thought is that you’re being offered 3 usable players for 1 usable player. Derrick Henry ended last year better than Kerryon, Christian Kirk is due for a breakout year at some point with Kyler throwing him the ball, and Singletary will probably play a meaningful role in Buffalo this year. To me, DJ Chark will just get dropped for some better waiver wire player. You’re talking Dynasty here, and I see 3 good dynasty values versus just 1. To me, the pivotal player in this trade is Derrick Henry. If he continues where he left off, you win the trade by a mile, but if Derrick falters and Kerryon becomes the beast that Jason Moore thinks he can be, then you’ll likely have lost the trade.

Thanks for your Input. Not sure what to do in this case I guess that’s fantasy football though lol. I could see Singletary having a kerryon kind of role in buffalo this year too he offers that upside I think