Dynasty trade- reagor and sanders

I am in a 10 team ppr sf dynasty league. My team is a contender. I have been offered a trade:Emmanuel sanders and a 2021 2nd to me for Jalen reagor.

My wrs are julio, allen Robinson, Michael pittman, shenault, alshon, dede, jjaw, gage and hurd. I have a 1st and second next year already.

I wouldn’t do it. Manny sanders is really good but it’s hard to project the volume he’s going to get. Reagor will probably be used right out of the gate due to necessity (even though he’s a rookie).

I’d want more than middling assets for Reagor. He’s a 1st round value elite upside rookie WR.

I’d want something like Landry, or someone in that tier + a 2nd at minimum.