Dynasty trade received

Been offered: Kupp, Gronk, 2021 2nd
I give away: Dobbins

Half point per reception, superflex league. I really like Kupp, not interested in
Gronk but the pick could be valuable.

Would you do this trade?

That’s gonna be a no from me dog. keep Dobby, he gone be good, the ravens gone be good

Yeah it’s a tough one. Would you accept Kupp and a 2021 first? Thinking of sending that as a counter offer

I’m not dynasty player and do really pay attention to college, so idk what kind of talent is out there that could be yours for the taking in the first round. That would take some quick research. What it comes down to for me is your depth at each position. If I was deep at RB and weak at WR, i might take it. But honestly even then, I’m still probably not doing it. Dobbins will be the clear starter for one of the best offenses in football, and is a rookie. But that’s just my take

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Thanks man. I’m actually weak at RB but being a bit greedy - hoping to middle through with Ingram as my second RB, Kupp is a tremendous buy low option, then I’d have a first rounder to spend on an RB next year.

I think the smart play is hanging on to Dobbins though. Thanks again.

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