Dynasty Trade Request

I just received this trade offer: I get Johnnie Taylor/Waddle for Mixon/Lamb/2023 1st.

As much as I want JT, I dont know if I want to give up Lamb. I will admit, I am biased as I am a Dallas fan. I need some objective thoughts, if anyone is willing to provide any for me. Thanks Footclan.

1/2 PPR, 1 QB Dynasty

QB: Big Herbs (J. Herbert)
RB: Mixon
RB: Gibson
WR: AJ Brown
WR: Lamb
TE: Pitts
Flex: Akers
Flex: Higgins
K: McPherson
D: Cowboys/Rams

Pitty City (Pittman)
Scary Terry (McLaurin)
Mike Williams

Hey i get the hesitation, esp being a Dal fan. But i think Taylor gives you a massive upgrade at RB. More guarantee over your other options. Waddle is still a great with the other wrs on your squad. And you have you coming your way. Id make the trade, BUT i think your still good if you decide against it.

Yeah, JT is a big upgrade as he is younger than Mixon. I can also see Mixon not getting as big a workload this year compared to last year, while JT’s will probably stay roughly the same.

The issue I have is Lamb is the GUY in Dallas now and only will have Schultz and Gallup (if healthy) as competiton for targets. Waddle’s target share will come down as MIA added Hill/Edmonds/Wilson and kept Gesicki, unless MIA plans to pass more this year.

Looking at it objectively (not through a Dallas homer lens :rofl:), I agree with you, I have enough depth to be good either way.

Over their careers I think it’s far from certain that CeeDee will be better than Waddle. It’s one thing to give up CeeDee but it’s another when you get someone elite at the same position who is just as young. Then you’ve got JT who rushed for almost 700 yards (I think) more than Mixon last year. Personally I’d do it but I don’t think it’s too good to pass up by any means.

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