Dynasty Trade review (LM, DM 1.10 for JS, SS, and 2020 1st)

Lamar Miller, Donte Moncrief, and 1.10 for Jaylen Samuels, Sterling Shepard, and 2020 1st Rounder.

League starting line-up: 1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 1TE, 2Flex (not super), 12 team league, full ppr

My Roster:
James Conner
Phillip Lindsey
Marlon Mack
Mike Evans
Michael Thomas
Donte Moncrief
bunch of bench guys (Hines, MVS, Jaleel Scott…)
I have the 1.1, 1.5 and 1.10

Honestly i prefer you roster without making this trade. I’d strip all this away and find out what the price is for just Samuels to insure your Conner shares but this trade makes you weaker depth wise IMO.

Maybe offer your lowest first for Samuels and their second or a first next year or something.

I not sure if i agree with James89. I think the draft this year is not that strong and the 2020(early talk) is better. I also think that sheppard is an upgrade over moncrief.

What do you think the 2020 1st will be between 1.1 and 1.6 or 1.5 and 1.12?

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I’ll explain my thinking. As of right now Miller starts for the Texans at RB which has proven fruitful and Foreman coming of the Achilles isn’t major threat as no one has ever come back from that injury playing RB - at worst he may cede some early down work but that’s it.

Shepard as a receiver is better than Moncrief i agree but this year their situations are different and i’d rather have the possible WR2 for the Steelers (Washington is a sleeper but he’s so raw i think he needs another year IMO) than the WR2 or 4th best option for the Giants with Eli throwing the ball - He is behind Tate, Barkley and Engram IMO.

The pick swap if the 2020 pick isn’t the top 3 i’m not that interested, it’s way too far ahead and we have no idea exactly who is coming out, their condition at the time or where they may go so it’s too much of a lottery unless it’s top 3. With the 1.10 this year there are so many WRs getting buzz and a handful of solid upside RBs, no Barkley’s but they have talent and even Murray someone could fall to 1.10 and with the three first rounders be really set up.

Moncrief for this year could and should be better than Shepard, i also think with 1.01 and 1.05 you can draft better WRs than both of them and likely in better positions. The RB class isn’t strong so unless the Texans make a splash there i don’t like losing the starting depth - especially with Mack (injury risks), Lindsey (injury and competition risks) as my 2 and 3.

Getting Samuel for cheap to insure Conner to me is the play and then using the draft to stock WR talent means Moncrief could be a one year patch in a good offense. May even be able to get Murray as well if the RBs are of no interest and build a really solid roster behind the current RBs and Evans and Juju + rookie talent like Harry or Metcalf etc.

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Update…Thanks for the replies, I agreed I may be giving up too much with miller and the 1st so convinced the guy to change it up…final trade: Lamar Miller, Donte Moncrief and 1.5 for Shepard, Samuels, 1.8 and 2020 1st.

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It’s a better return for Miller and your first for sure and you should still be well positioned to get WR and RB depth or even year 1 starters with the 1st round picks this year - good counter trade and locked up the Steelers backfield good work!

Like your thinking!! You make some good points their!

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Thanks, I was pleased, that trade ended up getting reviewed for fairness, but it passed!

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Any suggestions on bundling picks and one of my young RBs for an upgraded RB - top 5 guy…

If any teams have a dire need at WR you could take that 1.8 and say Lindsey or Mack (in that order for me) and if any of them have Kamara, Mixon, Gordon, Cook and see if they would be interested?

Failing that you could check the price on Gurley, DJ or Chubb after the injury news for Gurley, down year for DJ and Hunt threat for Chubb. I’d be looking at the 1.10 as the pick for those guys though with Lindsey or Mack. All would be an upgrade to your core for sure Gurley has the most risk with his knee condition and Chubb for 8 weeks will be a stud but then you need to see what happens with Hunt. I don’t think he goes anywhere but those three may have lower price tags than they should and you may be able to get one of them.

Edit - the 1.1 could be in play but i’d want one of those first guys or even a CMC if he would be available but off the massive season i doubt it

Thanks, yea I agree with that. I offered the Kamara owner Lindsey and 1.5 but no response…I just think hes inactive. Probably will have to try to get a deal done closer to the draft…

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Ow i jump in! I got A.jones and 1.12 who can i target with that combo or just stick with jones.

Also i have kamara should i target murray and if so how much

Similar group to be honest, if someone is buying in big to Jones maybe try for Mixon, Gordon, Cook someone in that range? As i recall you’re fairly young dynasty squad wise with good talent levels so maybe roll the dice with a Gurley and his knee issues or someone older like DJ or Bell if they would be available?

Murray wise he’s got standalone RB2 value based on what Ingram has done and how they like to use both backs in the system so i think you’ll have to price accordingly. Probably looking at a 1st or 2nd rounder with a upside player with the 2nd? He’s ranked 55 on ECR for dynasty now but for the next few years he could be a top 25 guy with serious upside and the owner likely lucked out with him so don’t over spend and i wouldn’t want to give Jones up for Murray unless i got a 1st back as well and keep all my current picks IMO

Yepp you are correct about my squad.

Who should i keep jones or Devonta freeman or would Freemand up my changes to trade for like cmc

Freeman has the higher ceiling for sure, if he can stay healthy he’s an RB1 and depending on passing usage a top 5 type of guy in PPR formats.

Risk wise Freeman does have injury woes and if you could offload him and a pick for a top 5-8 RB (pick a name in the ECR outside of Zeke or Barkley) then i’d 100% do that and keep jones - who still has great upside and youth plus less injury risk. You’d be more likely to trade Jones and a pick for an upgrade then Freeman i’d suspect and have to hold Freeman until he can string some healthy games together and recoup his value.

Worth a shot though!