Dynasty trade rookie 1.02?

Should I trade jerrick mckinnon and the 1.10 for the 1.02?

No. You’re basically trading a starting RB and like a potential top WR or later RB prospect for Guice.

Not worth it IMO. In most startups, McKinnon alone goes before Guice.

I messed up the question. But at 1.02 i could get rashaad penny or sony michel.

Doesn’t matter who you can get. You can probably get more for Mckinnon if you traded given all the hype around him right now. Doesn’t make sense to add McKinnon and a 1.10 for the 1.02.

If you really want the 1.02 that bad, just do the trade straight up McKinnon for 1.02.

noted. would that be worth it? I have the 1.01

Oh you have the 1.01 too? Damn must be nice. Yeah I’d do the trade straight up. Or if they really push, can add a 2nd or something but def wouldn’t do McKinnon + 1st.

Shit. I did a terrible job explaining. but the point is clear. thanks

I kept mckinnon and traded my 2.03 and 2.10 rookie pick for 1.03. should I take sony or derrius?

Guice is the safer play

Wow - you’ll get Barkley, Guice (safer I think).
AND you Get to keep McKinnon.
PLUS, If i read it correctly, you still have the 1.10 - Might be able to get Moore, Ridley or Gallup there to get a top rookie WR.
Great job!

You landed the 1.03 for the 2.03 and 2.10? Leagues like this would frustrate me to be in. In no universe is that a fair deal.

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It did seem to frustrate my opponents but the guy I made the trade with has gone on record talking mess about the rookie running backs who aren’t named barkley. I guess he has prospects in the second that he prefers.

I would definitely trade McKinnon and 1.10 for 1.02 in a heart beat, and I’d definitely take Guice at 1.02. I’m firmly in sell McKinnon now camp.