Dynasty trade rookie Rbs

Superflex dynasty. I’m definitely a contender. Maybe even the favorite.

QB: Smith, Dalton, Darnold, McCown
RB: Gurley, Barkley, Drake, Riddick, Powell Morris, Kelley, Gallman, AP, Samuels
WR: AJG, Thielen, Fitz, Stills, Doctson, A. Wilson, Godwin, Taywan Taylor, Chad Williams
TE: J. Reed, Burton

I was kicking the tires on acquiring Chubb and got a offer that I wasn’t expecting: Chubb and A. Cooper for Barkley. I think the value is actually pretty good (I’m very high on both), but this is probably too damaging for my chances this year, right?

This seems like it should be easy, but I’m struggling for some reason.

Do not trade Barkley away!!!

You’re right of course. I’m very, very high on Chubb though.

lol ditto. Just dont like his current situation . I have some depth on RB and am debating on trading him for Mike Williams…

Regardless whether you are high on Chubb or not, his value is depressed and you should be paying market value.

‘Market value’ is not a particularly useful term in Fantasy. There is no market within a league. There’s what you’ll pay an what they’ll take.

Suffices to say, I’m not taking the offer. Actually looking at a way to acquire Chubb separately.

He may value Chubb even more than I do, and that’s saying something. Firm at 2019 and 2020 firsts, Godwin and Taywan Taylor.

Oh well, I tried.

You could make that WR Keenan Allen and I’m saying no. Even with how much you like him, it destroys your RBs. After Barkley, you dont have a lot in locked in touches. And chubb is currently the second, maybe even 3rd choice RB on that team. He could be good next year, but if you’re the contender, dont give that up just to get a guy you like. Glad you said no, you would have kicked yourself for that trade.

Yea, I’m having a bit of trouble seeing this one clearly because I like a lot of the players involved more than most people.

@BusterD what do you think of this? Chubb and a (certainly early) 2019 2nd for Godwin, Taywan Taylor and 2019 and 2020 firsts?
It’s a bit if an overpay, I think, but I’m not that concerned about overpaying a bit. I think I’m getting the clearly best player, and a premium asset. My concern is reloading my aging WR core. Obviously going to be a lot harder w/o firsts the next two years.

Worth the risk? My RBs would be set for a while, I think.

I like it. If it works out the way you think your 1st next year will only drop a few spots. That part of the trade is you betting on yourself to do well to basically negate that part. The 2020 1st kinda hurts, but you wont notice that pain for a while. Plus if chubb is everything you hope and dream for, Barkley becomes a strong trade candidate to reload your WRs. This is a trade I myself would never do, but that’s because of my values on all these moving pieces. For you though, the value really isnt that far off. I think for what I know you believe to be true, this is actually a fantastic trade. Plus I really do like trades where you bet on yourself like you did with next years 1st rounder.