DYnasty Trade : Sony vs Corey D

12 Teams PPR 2QB
i need help at RB, was offered:
Sony Michel + 19 1st (expected late pick).
Corey Davis + 19 2nd + 20 3rd

What say you ?

I think you lose that trade in the long run. Corey Davis is a monster, and we don’t know what Sony Michel’s workload is going to look like. It could potentially work out, but I’d think you could get more for Davis.

Also, random other question. How does the 12 team 2QB league work for you? I was thinking of starting one, but it seems a little unfair if not every team gets 3 starting QB’s

I don’t like it for this exact reason
2 guys in our league took like 6qb each, and now trying to sell them at high rate…
Either limit Max qb in roster or do superflex, thatsy take on it…