Dynasty Trade Talk

I’m in a bit of a rough position for dynasty not having a first round pick for next year’s draft but really want one given how strong the draft class is. I have Royce Freeman, do you think I could get a first round pick for him? Especially from a broncos fan.

If Royce has a breakout week 3, than maybe…

Another franchise owner would have to weigh a year of Royce vs one of the “hype” RB from the class next year. Are they desperate? Do they think Royce will sustain RB2 numbers this year?

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I don’t think many people are looking at next year yet which is my hope but yeah, he’s in a tough spot for RB and drafted him very high in our redraft league last year so I know he believes in the guy so my hope is that will convince him

Any competent dynasty player is “hip” to the 2020 draft class. Otherwise they are new to dynasty (and get a pass) or not paying attention.

He is new to dynasty!