Dynasty Trade: Thielan for Ruggs

if you were the Thielan owner (who is def trying to get younger) would you ask for more?

Absolutely, Theilen is the clear cut WR1 on the vikings, Ruggs is a speed guy but will definitely be a hit or miss player week to week with a lot of options in vegas. If I were you I would be trying to get some draft capital or an additional player.

Definitely need more

I would need more. I just don’t think Ruggs will be a lot more than Desean Jackson.

I would hold until much closer to the season unless you find a buyer who is willing to play full price. Selling window for vets is in season.

Your question itself proves now is the time to buy vets as it’s the lowest price of the year.

Nope, that seems fair to me. Although I also try to get a draft pick in the deal.