Dynasty Trade Thoughts?

Hey FootClan,

I wanted to get your opinion on this offer that just got put on the table for me.

-Zeke Elliott

-2019 1st
-Stefon Diggs
-D.J. Moore
-Deon Cain

How deep are you at rb and we?

Notable RB’s
-J. Stewart

-Cole Beasley
-Antonio Callaway
-Adam Humphries
-DJ Moore
-Auden Tate
-Anthony Miller

It’s definitely an overpay. Your depth at WR is pretty thin after that. You’re depth at RB isn’t the strongest either though.

Do you have to start 3WR or 2 WR?

I do love Zeke and having both Zeke and Gurley is a pretty big advantage but then you have all your eggs in one basket. If either goes down to injury, your season is basically over. You would lose on the trade but IMO, it’s okay to lose on a trade once in a while if it truly enhances your team.

Honestly, I think you’d get the deal done without giving up Cain and it would still be overpay. I’d drop cain and try and get back an aging WR who isn’t worth as much in the trade (i.e. sanders, hogan, etc) or get back a 2nd round pick or something along those lines.

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Overpay? You can’t be serious. This is stealing.

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I’m not saying I wouldn’t do this trade cause Gurley + Zeke alone maybe win you the league, but from a value perspective, I don’t view this as a steal. I view it as a slight overpay (which is fine) or at BEST, an even trade.

I also love diggs though, always have. I do think he is the next in line to take the big leap if healthy. I know that’s a big question mark but but that’s part of the risk. I do see your point though in that this could potentially be a viable trade but in no way would I consider it a steal. If you think about it in terms of start-up draft capital:

Zeke is probably top 5 pick at worst in most dynasty startup formats. Diggs is usually a mid 2nd rounder. Moore is obviously a mid 1st in rookie startup. And then you have the 2019 1st. So you’re basically giving up a mid 1st and a future mid 1st + diggs to move up in the draft to acquire Zeke. When you look at it from that perspective, I guess it’s a more even exchange.

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Diggs and 2 firsts for Zeke is stealing.

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Thanks for the input guys!

I am pretty shallow at QB as it is a Superflex league. I only have Carr & R. Fitzpatrick for the first three weeks. I only have to start 1 RB, 1 WR and 1TE and then 4 other flex. Worried how thin this will leave me at WR however.

Ah well if you only have to start 1 WR, that definitely changes things a bit for me. You can basically start gurley and flex guice/zeke. Potentially ROJO but I’m not a believer in him.

Then you start OBJ/miller.

You’re starters are stacked but you definitely have absolutely zero depth. If your guys get injurred, You’re definitely screwed. And having Carr as my QB1 would make me want to throw up a bit. Assuming you have Winston coming back in week 4 which will help. Fitz as a bridge is going to be painful. They have a brutal early schedule.