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Dynasty trade thoughts


So I was just offered Micheal Thomas and Greg Olsen for demarco Murray and Alshon Jeffery. I’m in an 8 team 8 keepers league

My 8 keepers for this season without trading would be…
QB: Aaron Rodgers
RB: David Johnson
RB: Demarco Murray
RB: Jordan Howard
WR: Amari Cooper
WR: Deandre Hopkins
WR: Alshon Jeffery
WR: Keenan Allen

Should I take this trade? I’m just worried about olsens age and the fact tight ends are so bad in fantasy right now


Standard scoring


Thomas might be enough in a keeper league to do this. It likely makes Allen the odd man out if your keep Olsen. Murray and Jeffery are both less safe than Thomas but the sum of the parts might be better.

Honestly I say do it, you’re getting the best player in the deal.


Take the deal. You have David Johnson and Jordan Howard to lean on at RB, so take the best player in the trade when you factor in longevity and upside. You have good receivers, but Keenan is a huge injury risk, and Hopkins is coming off of a rough season, so get Michael Thomas to balance out that lineup.


Yep, would definitely take that trade. Thomas should be good for years to come and while Olsen is old, you should be able to pick up a decent TE in a rookie draft if needed. Alshon is an injury risk and I’d much rather have Thomas over him, so it really comes down to you giving up Demarco. I think with DJ and Howard you can certainly afford that for the upgrade at WR.