Dynasty Trade Timing?

Hi all!

I’m in a 10-team, 1 QB, 2 FLEX, 0.5 PPR draft and have a glut of draft picks with not enough space on my roster to keep all the players I’d take with those picks. In our four-round draft, I have…

  • No. 5 (1.05)
  • No. 15 (2.05)
  • No. 16 (2.06)
  • No. 24 (3.04)
  • No. 27 (3.07)
  • No. 35 (4.05)

…and maybe a small handful of roster spots (maybe three?). Should I be looking to trade up or down now, before the draft begins tomorrow, with the hopes of getting a good value? Or is it worth waiting to see where players land, but potentially having trouble because teams may be less interested in trading at that point?

Thanks for the help!

Can you clarify, in your league do you have to drop a player to draft one the picks mentioned above? Or can you draft players using all picks and make player cuts later in the off-season?

Yeah, I can! We can make all the picks we have and cut players later in the offseason, but our rosters get locked so we can’t make any free agent additions from the waiver wire. If we want to add a free agent after the draft (or sometime between the draft and Week 1), we’d have to make the cuts first.

I feel like the answer to this question usually depends on how much people in your league pay attention to fantasy news and how informationally prepared they typically are.

If your league-mates are less aware of fantasy news and less informationally prepared than you, then there is no reason to make trades when you are on the cusp of an information-heavy event like the draft, because you will make much better use of that new input of information.

The converse is also true. If your league-mates are voracious readers of fantasy news and hyper-aware of all relevant news and information, then maybe the draft will give them more advantage than it gives you, in which case I would try to make trades before the draft.

If you think everyone is relatively equal, then I think it just goes to personal preference and the willingness of your league-mates to make trades before the draft.