Dynasty Trade: Trading away Saquon and Deebo for Mahomes

I’m offering Saquon and Deebo for Mahomes.

My league is:
12-Team Superflex Dynasty - 1/2 PPR - 6-pt per passing TD -
Starting Rosters - 1QB - 1 Superflex - 1RB - 1WR - 2 TE - 4 RB/WR/TE Flex

My Full Roster:

QB: Minshew, Lock, Darnold, Keenum, Alex Smith
RB: Barkley, Mostert, Henderson, Hyde, Boston Scott, Armstead
WR: Deebo, Woods, Slayton, Hardman, Whiteside
TE: Doyle, Ian Thomas, Irv Smith

In my opinion this is definitely an overpay for Mahomes, but my team is in rebuild mode. I have a ton of draft capital in an auction draft (carries over year to year), so I’m wondering if this is too much to trade for Mahomes or do you think this will be enough to get the trade done?

If you are rebuilding, I would try to swap Deebo for Woods - their value is similar, but Deebo is te younger prospect here. And Don’t think that’s much of an overpay, pretty good value. To get a guy like Mahomes in SF, you need to pay more than you are comfortable with, this doesn’t seem terrible TBH

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Thank you for the reply @kmk5414! I’ve tried selling him Woods before and he doesn’t want him. Unfortunately he turned this offer down, he said he has QB depth issues if he sold Mahomes. Oh well, here’s hoping I get Burrow or Tua in the draft hahaha