Dynasty Trade, Urgent. Please help

I’ve been offered Antonio Gibson for Joshua Kelley and a 2021 2nd.

Update: I’ve also been offered Gibson and Akers for Kelley, a 2021 1st rd, and a 2021 2nd rd.

Do I take those? My other Starting RBs are Barkley and CEH. It’s standard non-PPR

I also have Darrell Henderson.

Um, in Dynasty, if I could have Barkley, CEH, Gibson, and Akers - all so young and talented, I would do that one. Josh Kelley we don’t really know about, DJ probably won’t have more than a couple years left, and for the 2021 2nd and 3rd, odds are you won’t get better talent with either of those picks than Gibson and Akers.


My thoughts as well. It’s a 3WR league and I feel good at WR so I’m trying to shore up my RB situation since it’s standard.

Plus the fact that someone might come calling for some young RB talent at some point as well once they start producing on the field so setting yourself up pretty good for the future regardless of using them or trading them!

He changed what he wanted, what do you think about Kelley, a 1st, and a 2nd for Akers and Gibson? I’d get to keep Johnson but lose out on next years picks.

Yes, do the Akers trade ASAP.

Jeff, even if he changed the trade to Kelley, a 2021 1st, and a 2021 2nd in exchange for Gibson and Akers?

Is David Johnson still involves? Or would that be keeping DJ and upping it to a 1st and 2nd from a 2nd and 3rd?

I’d be keeping DJ and only giving Kelley, a 1st, and a 2nd

Nvm, I saw your update. That’s a bit tougher, but heard my thinking. I’m guessing Akers was taken with a mid 1st this year and Gibson would have gone and of round 1 if we knew Guice was gone. So you’d be trade a future 1st and 2nd, plus a who know depth RB for a mid 1st and late 1st/early 2nd this year. Unless you think your team will fail and get a high pick next year I’d do this still.

@jaguileraroh So he dropped you trading DJ and moved the picks up to a 1st and 2nd…

Honestly, I don’t follow college all that close, but I think I would still take the Gibson and Akers side. Especially in 2020 when we have no idea how things will play out in college football this year. I mean, The Big 10 and Pac 12 may or may not have a later smaller season. And who knows what else could happen with all of college sports this year, so scouting may be limited and projecting prospects for the 2021 season may be more difficult than ever.

Yeah I anticipate my team to do fairly well.

My weakest position is QB having Tom Brady as my starter whom I picked up in the latest of rounds with a Darnold backup. Dudes like Rivers, Haskins, and Tannehill are still on the wire though.

This would just strengthen my RB Corps for the future especially if Gibson and Akers both win out.

@jaguileraroh must love the news about AP being released as far as Gibson is concerned. Hopefully you made that trade already, or the other owner might back out now.

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Definitely. I made it right before the news came out. Worked out perfectly.

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If you are receiving Gibson and Akers then that is a no-brainer for me

Yup, received both Gibson and Akers right before they cut AP. Hopefully Gibson produces now


Obv late to this, but glad you made the trade. The 1st is fantastic for next year, but so is ‘knowing’ what you are getting. I like what you got. And that was before the AP release. Congratulations!

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