Dynasty Trade Validation

I’m looking at trading Derrick Henry for Johnathan Taylor and the 1.03 rookie draft pick.

Is Derrick Henry worth more than that or is that about right on a draft?

:+1: or :-1:

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I personally had a hard time trading Henry. I tried in multiple leagues ( PPR and 1/2 PPR) without knowing your settings I’m gonna assume PPR but I would be ALL OVER that Taylor and 1.03 for him. Taylor is a young soon to be stud, if not already. Plus seeing what players went around the 1.03 In the previous rookie drafts. I would smash the accept button!

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I tend to agree. It’s PPR. I would be offering the trade, but trading Henry is not an easy decision because he has been pretty dang good the last several years. I’m buying Taylor’s hype but the running back committee in Indy is darn good and I’m not sure Taylor will have thereturn on the investment everyone is projecting, which is why I’m hesitant.

My other running backs that I have to compliment Taylor are Gibson, Conner, and Drake. Could rotate start throughout the year and be fine. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the input.

Agree with smashing accept. It’s in the realm of possibility that Taylor outproduces Henry as early as this year. 2 years and out I would expect you to be ahead in that trade.