Dynasty Trade Value for Draft picks

He footclan,

as the draft season begins people in our league start trying to aquire picks or offer them heavily!
every year its hard for me to value picks for players and i made some mistakes or miscalculations in the past.

i was wondering…whats is the value for following Players?

1., Leonard Fournette
i really have no ideas on that one!?!?

2., TY Hilton
with luck back and the last season as indicator i tend to say you have to offer at least a late 1st rounder and maybe some player too

3., Gus Edwards
i think that baltimore will get some RB via draft/free agency. also they were and are high on dixon…so its no sure thing Gus will be the RB1 although he fits the scheme with lamar! it feels like an early 3rd rounder seems just fine

what are your your thoughts on these guys?
i would really appreciate every help or word


Every league will value these players differently.

In your league:

  1. How many teams?
  2. Starting lineup requirements?
  3. Roster size?
  4. Rookie draft rounds?
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12 teams, Full ppr


25player roster


In your league I would value the following players in trade for picks as:
(I would buy for…
I would sell for…)


  • Buy = 2019 1.12 or lower
  • Sell = 2019 1.04 or higher, see if someone will trade you the ‘unknown’ of Josh Jacobs or David Montgomery

TY Hilton

  • Buy = 2019 1.09 or lower
  • Sell = 2019 1.05 or higher , see if someone will trade you the ‘unknown’ of N’Keal Harry or Kelvin Harmon (do not sell for D.K. Metcalf at this time - too risky!!)

Gus Edwards

  • Buy = 2019 3rd, pretty hard to get an RB with any potential upside in the 3rd round
    Baltimore has shown no long term loyalty to Alex Collins, Javorius ‘Buck’ Allen, Terrance West, Danny Woodhead, Justin Forsett, Kyle Juszczyk
  • Sell = 2019 2nd, can find higher upside players

Please feel free to challenge any of these. I’m not an expert at evaluation but sometime good at strategy.

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Man thx for your detailed analysis! As always you can count on @fun4willis!

I’m totally with you with on gus!

Do you feel 1.07 for Fournette is overpaying…I think he will bounceback next season if he stays healthy. And don’t really know if you get a RB of his caliber late in the first!

But I have to admit that I’m not really high on this years offensive players in draft!

One last evaluation…what do think is he value for Jarvis? Is buying Jarvis Landry for 2.07+Golden Tate a scenario you would feel good about (in a vacuum not taking rosters in the decisions too much…I know it’s hard to do it)?
Just your opinion

And thx again…really appreciate your time!

1.07 for Fournette is not an overpay. It’s a risk but it’s all about your personal evaluation and what you believe. In the end, all we can do is trust our gut and if your guy says he bounces back and that you don’t like this draft class then you should do it. I’m not a fan of the class either so I would consider that as well and the Fournette owner could be tilting from this bad season/news.

With regards to Jarvis, I don’t expect he ever gets back to his top end that he reached two years ago but I do expect that added consistency can only improve his results. I’d trade a second and Tate in a heart beat.

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thx @ty_nagy for your reply!

I will pull the trigger on the fournette vs 1.07 trade and bet on him!

don’t know for sure but i think in the 2nd year with baker his productivity will get a pump and in full ppr he has a really solid floor on a weeklybase. the only thing holding me back is the “tate is the best FA WR on the market”…for me its clear that he will be better than in phi but doubt if he gets back to his 100 rec and usage like in det!

That’s fair but you’re also paying for age and mitigated risk. I imagine both have the same ceiling but Jarvis has the safer floor and 4 years on him

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