Dynasty Trade Value - Michael Thomas

I am in a 12 team, keep 9 league. we start: QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 4 Flx

I need to bulk up my RB core, currently have Chubb, Gordon, Lindsay (bleh). WRs are strong, Thomas, Julio, Godwin, Golladay, Kupp.

I am getting a lot of interest in Thomas, which is good because with Hill at QB in NO next year I am a little scared after this year for Thomas’s value.

I have been offered Kamara and 3.07 for Thomas, but I want more. That seller also has Cook, Jacobs, Mixon (and desperately needs a WR1)

What is fair value for Thomas?

Jacobs and picks personally if you’re that committed to moving him. I’d rather move Julio. He’s past 30 and has some durability concerns already. Thomas showed last year that even without Brees he is a target hog, and I really don’t think Hill is their long term QB.

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agreed with @McDaddykins on his take. I’d try to move Julio, but you might have to take a step back in value. On their end, I would be looking at Jacobs. He has a pretty long runway. The 3.07 does nothing for me, but it does not hurt. I would rather ask for 2021 2nd than the 3rd, but even that is not enough.

Maybe Kupp for Jacobs would work as well? There might need to be some other pieces in the mix, but I would not hate that. I think the best move is to jump off of Julio if you can, though. He might budge on Mixon? I know that some people are split on him, and you might leverage this hold out talk in your favor? IDNK if he will, but if he’d paid attention to which direction the wind blows he’d play nice and make a deal.

Hope any of this is helpful!