Dynasty Trade Values

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Aaron Jones, Kenny Golladay, 3.05

Dalvin Cook, Jarvis Landry, 2.08

Is this a good trade? Or is Landry too much of a downgrade on a young Kenny? The Kenny for Jarv part is keeping me away. My other WR are Evans and Lockett. My other RBS are Gurley and Mixon.

Pass. Jones and Golladay are locked in #1s on their offenses. Dalv Cook, who I have and love, might not get much more than 200 carries because of health concerns. Landry, who i think could have a pretty high ceiling with OBJ keeping the corners busy, is still hard to go all in on because there’s a ton of mouths to feed in the browns offense. Also 2.08, while an upgrade, isn’t as exciting in this years draft class. Obviously there’s some panic right now with Gurley, but Jones and Mixon are solid reliable RBs.

my 2 pennies.

Thanks, I plan on grabbing Henderson in the First (reaching) to help my Gurley situation as well

Pretty even trade tbh. Just depends on who you like better. Personally, I like the Cook side but I’m higher on him than most. Also I’m assuming this is PPR where Landry actually provides value.

0.5 PPR league