Dynasty Trade Watson

10man 2nd year Dynasty PPR

Trade talks
A: Deshaun Watson and Robert Woods

B: Stefon Diggs

Whatcha Got

I would definitely take side A. I think diggs and woods are similar in value so the addition of Watson makes side A a clear winner in this trade

I like A but I’m really high on Woods so he’s not much below diggs in my mind. Even if I was low on him though I’d still go A. It’s not enough of an upgrade and deshaun watson is a lot more than just a throw in

Side A wins big time

Side A

You don’t have to worry about Watson barring injury for a long time. As for Woods and Diggs. Diggs offense is trying to run more and while yes Woods is buried in talent on his roster he is still putting up numbers consistently.

If this is a single QB league, I’m taking diggs all day long. If it’s a SF, you just committed highway robbery.

16 Games
86 REC
1,219 YDS
6 TD

15 Games
102 REC
1,021 YDS
9 TD

Watson is way too big a sweetner

Doesn’t take into account the value appreciation of diggs vs woods. Value of woods will not increase much beyond this. Diggs has the talent to crack into the top 6 elite WR group.

Also if it’s a single QB league, Watson’s production is easily replaceable to 80-90%. Lamar Jax, murray, Allen, trub, dak, all cheap options at the position.

I’ll take diggs all day.