Dynasty Trade > When is the right time?

In the first year of a HPPR dynasty league. Unfortunately, I came out shaky at RB but have great depth everywhere else. As roster currently stands, I’ll be starting Michel and McKinnon as my starting RBs.

Since RB is such an injury prone position, should I hold out until August(ish) before trying to make a trade or should I push to get one done now before the hype trains pick up steam when these guys start putting on pads?

You could capitalize on some players slipping now, like Gurley/Bell. Or try to get Jacobs/Montgomery before we know for sure how much they’ll be used (I believe a lot). Gurley will still be a top 10 RB but is being drafted outside the first round. On the flip side, if you’re trying to get a guy everyone loves right now, I’d hold off. Wait until you see how much they’ll actually be used and if the hype is real (and that they don’t get injured). McKinnon is a good example of this from last season. A lot of hype and he gets injured before the season.

It’s hard to comment when I don’t know what your trade material would be. Who would you be considering to trade? That is the key! IMO.