Dynasty trade winner

Who wins this trade in a Dynasty?
Team 1: Trades away Joe Mixon

Team 2: Trades away Derick Henry and Calvin Ridley

Team 2 wins this trade as of today. Get’s Henry off the books and gains Mixon.


Agreed! Team 2 wins.

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Yes will take mixon all day. Henry is no bueno.

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who ever got henry and ridley won that one. henry is the benifit of a new system that works towards his strengths more.

brett here breaks it down really well. i was pretty low on henry until i watched this. a lot changed for the guy, and it all goes to help his run style.

ridley is a great route runner and landed next to julio. someone he can learn a lot from. should be decent year one, with plenty of upside.

everyone seems to be talking about mixon lol. cause i keep on saying this a lot it seems. mixon isnt that valuable while he is with the bengals. or while marv is there really. he should do better than last year, thats the one bonus. but better than last year doesnt mean a whole lot. i expect him to get to 750 - 850 yards rushing. so thats a plus. but, henry is in a similar spot as mixon, with more work coming his way. pretty easy hell yeah when i get that offer.

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I’d want the Mixon side of that trade.

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Depends on Team 1’s WRs.

I like the Mixon side of the deal.

Especially if it’s PPR