Dynasty trade Wr for wr pick

Tyreek Hill

Devin funchess

What you guys think ?

This is usually the kind of trade i like to make if i’m the other guy. Packaging a pick with a decent player for a good one. At 1.11 you might be able to pick Christian Kirk or DJ Moore. If you’re lucky, Kerryon Johnson or Royce Freeman could be there. Without knowing your team and what else you have/need, i would not do the trade. I like Hill too much to give him up for Funchess and 1.11.

Yea I feel the same way about hill.Just wanted to see wt you guys think

I’m still not sure what KC will look like so I’ve been trying to sell my guys from there (except Mahomes). But maybe I’m just a pessimist.

Don’t sell Talent for scaps and hope. Hill is far and away the most valuable piece here.

funchess isnt a bad pick up, for right now. but its all but assured that the panthers take a WR with a high pick. funchess wont be the only decent WR on that team come start of the year. and while tyreek does have a lot of competition now, that doesnt really matter for hill. hill isnt a volume guy. he is a big play guy. 4 receptions a game can still easily get you over 100 yards with him. and since he will be going against man to man more often, you can expect a few more long bombs throughout the season. keep hill.

I just realized that I didn’t actually finish my response haha. Im a pessimist with Hill BUT dont believe in Funchess at all. Dont take this.

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