Dynasty Trade: Yay or Nay?

Any help is appreciated!

Would you trade Mike Evans and Marvin Jones for AJ Green, Alshon Jeffrey and a 2019 1.10? (PPR)

Already have Odell.

Nope, Evans should wreck the field this year. Even if he doesn’t, AJ Green an Alshon are not what they used to be and they’re on the wrong side of 28 years old. I guess it depends on what you could get for that 1.10 pick, but that’s a big guess that I don’t see paying off very well.

I don’t think I’d go for it either. The only exception I’d make is if you were going to make the playoffs to boost your production this year (maybe). But it looks like more of a trade deadline trade than pre-season trade.

Mike Evans is the best piece in the trade. I prefer that side and it’s not close for me.

I would definitely keep evans and not trade, him and odell are solid wrs to start

I would want Evans side of this.