Dynasty trade (Zeke)

Was offered Boyd, Mike Williams and 2 2020 1st round picks for Zeke. 12 team SF, TE premium. I also have Barkley and right now i do not have any depth. My starting WR’s are Woods, Allison and Curtis Samuel. Should i do this trade?

Is this dynasty/keeper/redraft? Do you consider yourself a contender now?

Its dynasty, my team is good but i do not have the depth to be a contender.

Its a fair offer, however I would say that the Zeke side is more valuable today.

I personally don’t worry about depth in the off-season. Don’t need to set a lineup for several months. But I do want to trade to acquire value which can be turned into depth/starters when I need them.

In your best estimation are the 2 first early/mid/late?

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At this point they are most likely mid to late…He has a 1st that is most likely going to be the 1.01 i told him he will have to add that in or no trade. But, honestly i might play it out and see how the season goes. If i start to see that my lack of depth is hurting me i will then try to make some moves but at this point having arguably the 2 best RB’s is too good.

No way. Zeke has 4-5 good years left at the least. Tyler Boyd and Mike Williams are WR2’s and the rookie picks might be great but they could also be busts.

You could def. get more proven players for Zeke

This is essentially 3x 1sts and maybe a low end 1st or high end 2nd for boyd. Not a bad offer for Zeke but mid/late 1sts aren’t going to cut it. He needs to give the 1.01 in place of one of the 1sts. Then would maybe consider the trade. Perhaps add another 2nd.