Dynasty Trade ++

I’m in rebuild mode and have already acquired 3 1st round picks for 2020.

Would you trade away Hunt for Carson + 2020 1st?

My 2019 picks are 2.03, 2.09, 3.01, 5.09

Here’s my roster:

Drake , Westbrook, Wilson, and Delanie Walker are about to be gone via trade.

Any idea if that is an early or late 2020 pick? I would personally make that trade on a rebuild. Not only do you get a 2020 1st, but you potentially increase the value of your own 2020 1st by not having Hunt (assuming he plays and plays well).

Hunt’s bday is August 6. He’ll be 24 entering the 2019 yea and 25 entering the 2020 year. By the time you’ll need/want him. He’ll be closer to the point where I’d look to move on from him.

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I agree with fun4willis. Also I’d add that by trade deadline Carson might be an asset that can return further trade value from a contending team wanting extra depth.

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I went ahead and did the trade and a now guy is wanting Carson. So far he’s offering Keke Coutee and a 2020 2nd. ( My 2020 2nd). He has 6 1st rounders, 2 early 2nd rounders in 2019 and then 2 first rounders and a 2nd rounder in 2020.

Also, Since I traded away Drake, should I hold onto Ballage? The guy that has Drake now (he traded for him from the guy I traded Drake to) is wanting Ballage. He doesn’t have any 2019 picks and doesn’t have a 2020 pick til Round 3. He’s so far offered Gallup since I have Amari Cooper.

There are many excellent RBs coming out next year! This could be a factor too.

Definitely keep Ballage! Drake is in a contract year and I firmly believe Ballage will be the man eventually. He’s a perfect RB to have for a rebuild.

As for Chris Carson, definitely pass! I like Coutee, but not that much. You can easily get more. Offering just a 2nd in 2020 isn’t enough, especially considering it could be a late pick. If I were you, I’d aim to get draft picks this year for him. He’s worth at least a 1st and some change, IMO.

I would def trade Ballage away. His DLF rank right now is 190+. If you can get a 2020 2nd plus, that would be a great return. I would not trade for Gallup though.

And if you can turn Carson into Keke and a 2020 2nd, I’d def do it! I don’t think you’ll find anyone who will pay a 1st now. Maybe in season if Carson is the team RB1. Carson is too volatile for my liking to keep. But clearly has trade value. I think Keke will be huge in 2019. He has a solid metrics and will likely take work from Fuller as he recovers.