Dynasty trade:

I am involved in a discussion for the first 3-way trade in our Dynasty league’s history. I would be giving up CEH, Diggs, Mattison & a 1st. I will be (Team 2) in the following example, I just want a view on A: who wins the trade, & obviously
B: should I pull the trigger.

Team 1 will get:
Keenan allen
2nd Round pick of Team 3’s choice

Team 2 (ME) will get:
2nd Round pick of Team 3’s choice

Team 3 will get:
Team 2’s (MY) 1st Round pick

Key/ “ 2nd Round pick of Team 3’s choice”
Team 3 has FIVE 2nd round picks in the 2021 draft (not sure how it happened)
So he gets to chose what 2nd each of the teams will receive from him.

Yeah man I think team 1 wins with Zeke and CEH alone. And team 2 get tyreek hill, dalvin cook, his backup, and a 1st! :scream:

Unfortunately I dont think you’re getting a good deal here. Let’s break it down:

  • you’re basically trading CEH for Ekeler which is (likely) a downgrade
  • you’re “maybe” upgrading at WR when you go from Diggs to McClaurin, but not much. You’re certainly not getting an elite player.
  • but you downgrade your pick from a 1st to a second; and that person will give you two their lowest 2 picks in the 2nd round, maybe you get the lowest…
  • overall it looks like you’ve downgraded a lot of your positions.

If I was you, I’d just simplify and see if you can get something done with dalvin cook owner and your matteson.