Dynasty tradee

Do i trade my 2022 1.04 and 1.05 for Justin fields and the 2022 1.01?.. Im pretty solid at every other position. Starters at RB are zeke,Gibson, and miles Sanders with quality backs on my bench like hunt,Edmonds etc. Starting WRs are devonte Smith,Chris Godwin, Diggs, with player like jeudy, Julio, Jones, and a few other decent bye week/injury fillers. My TE is Andrews with Gesicki, trautman, jonnu, Dan Arnold on my bench and my only decent QB is Jackson, with Goff and mills on my bench. Any help would be great thanks!

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I’m guessing 1QB. If so I’d probably make the trade but it isn’t necessary.

Reason to make it: I think Fields will be a fine QB2 with upside in your room to become your QB1. With that 1.01 you can either take your pick of the litter or break it down to more picks.

Reason not to: You do not need as much depth at QB with it not being SF and you can take 2 positional picks at 1.05/1.06 which is a sweet spot.

IMHO this is a weaker QB class and I like Fields over all of them. In a single QB league most of the cream goes off before 1.06. I like RB / WR / WR / WR / RB and then it’s a free for all. So you are getting a position of weakness from this class covered with a high upside QB and the pick of any of those 5. Once you move beyond 1.05, maybe 1.06, all the players are so similar that I do not mind having any of the 1.07-2.07. I do not think there is much difference. This could allow you to trade the 1.01 for say the 1.04&2.04 for example and land you equal-ish players to what you would have had but you also get Fields.

Since it’s a 1QB I can see the reason to stick with what you have. Those are the last of the high-end picks IMHO and I like Mills for at least '22. You should be fine this season at QB. It’s nice that either works out for you. I like depth which is why I’d make the trade and then shop the 1.01.

Hope any of this thought process helps!