Dynasty Trades- first draft

Hey Footclan,

I’m doing a 10 team dynasty start up full ppr right now and pick are 4 hours apart (i know…). I pick at the 1.06 and currently just waiting on the 1.05. Deandre Hopkins is still on the board and I have an opportunity to trade with the 1.08. I’d be happy for Hopkins, Beckham, or Adams and if I trade down I’m guaranteed. I’d pick up his second round pick but lose my third round.

My thought it to try and leave the second round with Julio, Kelce, and Adams but wouldn’t pick again until the 4.06. Thoughts?

If you are ok with any of the 3 you mentioned above, pull the trigger. You are gaining another top 20 player.
Now, if you prefer Nuk over the others, I wouldn’t do the trade (for me he’s a top 3 asset in PPR dynasty)
Not picking till 4.06 shouldn’t be a big deal. Instead of picking at, 6, 16, 26 and 36, you will be picking at 8, 16, 18 and 36. All you are doing in gaining a better player in swap.

I have Nuk in his own tier but even then, hard to pass up that type of value. You’re jumping huge tiers by moving from 3rd into 2nd and having 2 2nd round picks vs a 2nd and a 3rd. I’d pull the trigger there.

He got taken the pick before me so the trade fell through. Ended up with Devante and Julio.