Dynasty trades for bell

I have two people chasing bell in my dynasty league

Bell straight for Gurley

Or Bell and my 2020 1st Rd for Davante Adams and 2019 pick 5.

RBS are a jones, K Johnson, K hunt, d guice, K ballage, I Smith, l murray.

Wrs are a brown, C Davis, C Sutton, dj Moore, a Callaway, coutee, MVS and C Kirk.

I have a top 4 pick 2019. So possible J Jacobs or top wr rookie.

Thoughts ?

I’m very much not interested in moving bell but also know these are good deals.

I wouldn’t entertain the Gurley offer much. I would take the Adams and 1.05 offer. Your RBs are pretty decent but your WRs need some help asap. Could also attempt to package your top 4 pick + 1.05 to move up to 1.01 for Jacobs or Harry if you like either of them that much.

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I’d take that deal for Adams

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I’d go for Adams for sure.