Dynasty Trades Help for a newbie

12 team .5 ppr with 1qb 2rb 3wr 1flex
I have Dalvin Cook and Bell as my top two RB’s. I have weak WR with D. Thomas as the best option.
I was offered Julio and Marlon Mack and would give up Cook and D. Thomas.
I know Cook has high value but am unsure at what price someone would sell him.

Thoughts on Cooks value in Dynasty??

I probably wouldn’t do that trade. The deal breaker for me is Marlon Mack. Your upgrading from a solid WR2 to a good WR1 but you’re downgrading from a young RB 1 to a young rb3/4. I only tend to look up to one year out because more than that too much changes and you can’t reasonably predict value. With that in mind I age wouldn’t factor into my valuation of Julio unless I was getting like OBJ or someone very young whose likely to be elite for some time(typically a WR too).

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Thanks for the input. I really like Cook and there always is a shortage at RB. I would prefer to have 3 WR2 and 2 RB1 even in .5ppr but I also know Julio is a force so wanted some other feedback. Also doesn’t help that Bell is MIA lol.

It doesn’t help Julio’s case that Sark has no idea what to do in the RZ. Also cook gets a solid amount of receptions

Oh in know its so sad they cant figure out how to get the ball to him. True Cook is looking like a pretty complete back.