Dynasty trades

RB’s are Zeke, Kamara, and Leo. WR’s are keenean Allen and Allen Robinson. Would you trade Leo for Jordan Howard and Sammy Watkins?

I almost feel like you could, but I would have a very hard time hitting the accept button.

How many RB/WR/Flex do you start? This piece is important to understand I think

2 RB, 2 WR, 1 FLEX. 0.25PPR scoring

Also have Sterling Shepard

It’s tempting, but I would need more. I am not a Howard believer (he’s fine as an RB 3, but Fornette is a stud, if he can stay healthy) and Watkins is definitely tempting, but very risky imo.

No, I would definitely stay with what you have. Watkins’ production is relatively uncertain and Leo is a better RB than Howard (especially in Dynasty).

I just drafted Watkins in our dynasty startup. Still not sure if i like it or not. No I definitely wouldn’t make that trade btw.