Dynasty ?- Trading Mike Evans for future potential?

I’m shopping Mike Evans (I’m not a believer in Jameis Winston). I’m considering offering him for a package that includes Kenyan Drake, D’Onta Foreman and the other team’s #1 draft pick in 2019. My team is generally okay for both WRs and RBs, so consider this is a “in a vacuum” scenario. Looking for some outsider’s perspective from the Footclan. Thanks.

that isnt nearly enough in my opinion. id be looking for multiple firsts and a player/s like mixon, tyreek hill, etc

Yea, Evans is worth more than that. He is a top 10 WR with top 5 potential. Need to get more than a RB in a timeshare that had 2 good games last year, a RB who is injured and could start the year on the pup, and a future draft pick with unknown value.

Thanks for your replies so far. I could make another first round pick (2020’s) and Sammy Watkins as part of what comes back to me, but then it would be a 5-for-1 deal. Sounds like that is more of an equitable starting point.

That’s probably too much. I’d just drop Foreman from the deal. I honestly don’t see him coming back. The hype on him is all based off of one game where he ruptured his achilles. RBs don’t come back from that injury.

If you can get Drake + 2 1sts + watkins, that would be a pretty sweet deal for you. In my eyes, Watkins is worth more then a future 1st so you’d basically be getting drake + 3 firsts.