Dynasty Trafe

Team A gets: Odell Beckham Jr.

Team B gets: Corey Davis, D.J. Moore, and 1st round pick 2019

Which Side are you on?

most would not agree but to me it is not clear how your 1st round pick is gonna go from your post…is it based on the record of owner you trade to…

that would be part of it…projecting if his team was shit and I thought it would be high. It is tough…that is pretty fair because both CD and DJ are suppose to break soon…

but for me bird in the hand…odel looks like a beast for 5 years…Id rather stick with safety than perhaps BUT that 1st rounder temps

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I’m on the OBJ side all the way. He’s a top 5 dynasty asset yet to reach his prime and he’s locked in on his team. The only way I take the Team B side is if I’m blowing it up and rebuilding. Team B has all the risk and first round pick in a WR heavy draft.

Agreed with @anton_rock that 1st is tempting but the bust rate of 1st round picks is still relatively high draft to draft. Maybe if it was a top 2 or 3 pick. An owner in our league just got way more than that for Julio. I think Team B could aim higher and take less risk. If you’re Team B, do this deal.

Give me OBJ. Top 3 Wr for 5+ years to come. Other pieces are unproven wild cards. Somewhat tempting but I want ObJ