Dynasty Value - Cj Anderson vs Rex Burkhead

Who would you rather own in a half point ppr?

In a vacuum I really like CJ Anderson. However, in their current situations I think I would rather Rex GOAThead.

Also, look at CJ’s contract. His dead cap is .05 Mil where Rex is 5.5 Mil. Anderson could be cut if it doen’t work out in camp.

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I’m not an Anderson fan, but I’d definitely take him over Burkhead. I don’t think this is that close. Only one of these guys has a legit shot at 200+ touches.

@DFWB True, for this season… but keep in mind this is a dynasty question.

I am aware, but I don’t see how that helps Burkhead’s case. Burkhead is actually older than Anderson, and his team just took a back in the first round that does everything Burkhead does.

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I have been a CJA fan for a few years now. I firmly believe he is better than we saw at DEN, and they certainly used him poorly IMHO. If CAR using him like they used JStew, I think CJA is going to impress folks.

I definitely like Burkhead but think his value is hurt in NE while CJA has better situation.

Plus, he can catch. I know CMC is there, but CJA has decent hands. Do not take this as I am not saying they are going to sit CMC, but I do see CJA as the better choice in this situatoin.

I’m on the CJ side here as well, better bet to get close to or over 200 touches and will get the goal line looks. I’ve got shares in him myself and actually I’m thinking if he has a strong year I.E another top 15-20 finish he’s on my list of guys to sell high (providing my other dynasty RB’s fair well and it doesn’t damage my depth i’d look to cash in)