Dynasty value of mid round receivers

Could you guys rank these receivers for dynasty? I’ve got a few picks coming up in my startup and am trying to decide who to focus on…

DJ Moore
Jarvis Landry
Calvin Ridley
Corey Davis
Chris Godwin

My preference on order of these would be


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Even though Moore is 2 full years younger than Ridley?

I believe Moore will be slightly more capped by a qb that won’t put up quite as many passing yards. I would be very happy with all except Davis right now.

Moore is a very interesting player though.

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Ended up taking Ridley and Moore. I love Godwin, I just think he has the best chance of falling to me at the 5.2 spot of those three (not a great chance).

Roster so far is


I love the WR group. I think you’re in a great spot with them. What is the RB and TE situation with who is available?

I’m up in 2 picks, these are the immediate options

I’ll be honest, if Godwin is sitting there for me it’ll be tough not to pull the trigger on him too. I was thinking about waiting for Mack at RB? Thoughts? Would taking Godwin be crazy?

It wouldn’t be crazy but I think it would be unnecessary. Mack is at least to me the obvious selection

With 5 RBs left before Mack it just seems unnecessary with this one don’t you think? I could go QB (luck?), or TE (Howard, Henry, engram), but I’m pretty even on those 3 TEs… if I wait on Mack, what do you think?

it really depends on opponent needs. I think if you wait too many rounds the RB options can thin out a lot. I really like Mack as a value barring injury.

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Would you hate a QB or TE here? Luck would be the 4th one off the board, or Howard as the 4th TE off the board

I wouldn’t hate either. I myself would wait a bit on QB in ideal circumstances but Luck is as elite as they come and his prime is right now. I don’t have Andrew Luck on my teams but he is a qb I look at with envy on other teams.

Luck I feel should be at latest fourth qb off the board.

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As a packers fan it’d be tough to not stack rodgers and Adams if I can, but I can’t ignore the age😅

Rodgers is of course one to want too. Long term Luck is probably best bet. But in dynasty I’d value the younger one more. I’m guessing Mahomes and Watson got taken, who else went before Luck and Rodgers?

Mahomes, watson, Baker on the last pick (a bit early, but I was thinking about him if luck got taken)

A bit early but barring something crazy he should have years longer durability than the others. I’m still surprised he went so early as usually sample size trumps potential

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Different question…
I really like the guys around ADP 40, and I’m trying to acquire someone’s 5th rounder. How does this sound as an offer

Give: 9th vet, 11th vet, 1st round rookie

Receive: 5th round vet, 15th round vet