Dynasty Value Trade Advice

10 man full ppr Dynasty

I have someone hurting at RB and both David Montgomery and Johnathan Taylor. Hes came interested in either and I’d love to pick up Higgins from his line. So what the value here?

Hes also possibly willing to move Josh Allen and itd be a solid upgrade from the flakey lamar this year.

Originally I thought Monty For Higgins but i see that being pretty pricey on my end.

Assume 1 QB league?

I would say that David Montgomery for Tee Higgins is pretty close. I prefer the Higgins side.

If you can get Josh Allen and Higgins that’s a smash accept.

1 qb is correct shoudve added that.

I’m currently offering Monty for Higgins.

Id hope to combo lamar and 1 of the backs for allen and Higgins but thats pushing a bit far likely.