Dynasty veto?

One of my league mates is hurting BAD at RB and only has J. Robinson, J. Dobbins, T. Gurley and A. Peterson left due to injuries.

I took advantage of the situation and offered him D. Henderson and D. Parker for Juju. He accepted but our league vetoed it.

How does the Footclan feel about that? I, Personally, never veto a trade but want to hear from others that are on the outside looking in. Thanks!

That’s a stupid veto IMO, juju isn’t that valuable, I think your league mates are still valuing him 2 years ago as opposed to what he should be worth now. 1 year contract, could argue he’s the 3rd most talented wideout on the team. Henderson locked in RB2 this year, yes he doesn’t have the same value long term, but Todd Gurley went from top 5 pick to out of the league in what, 2 years? RB’s often don’t have long term value. Parker probably isn’t worth much but he’s bench depth for the bloke trading juju.

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Vetoes in dynasty are terrible. A couple years ago in my dynasty league we doubled down on the Ballers advice and not only eliminated vetoes, but we also made the trades process immediately.

We did build a safeguard in with our two commissioners. With any trade, both commissioners have to agree to a veto. If one thinks the trade is acceptable, it stands. But there is no waiting period, we can always go back and change it if need be.

Our league used to have a ton of squabbles and petty disagreements about trading, once we instituted this rule, we’ve have zero issues and zero vetoed trades.

Talk to your league about taking vetoes out and making trades instant. If a group of adults can’t respect each other and live with the decisions, y’all need to switch to redraft. I’d be furious.

I actually think the trade is reasonable for both sides. At some point people have to make their own decisions and live with them. I don’t agree with the veto.

Thank you for the input! I’ve tried to tell them no vetoes but they don’t agree to it. The other owner is more furious because he’s stuck with a bad RB core for the season if he gets vetoed again until he can cash in his 2 1st round picks.

Insult to injury, Myles Gaskin just got traded for Tyler Lockett and it was unanimously approved. How does that make sense?

Do you think it hurts that I took 2nd last year and am stacked with young talent?

Im against vetoes in general, but that trade is fine, quite frankly you can make the argument that he came out ahead.

Maybe your leaguemates are overhyping henderson maybe?

To the gaskin/lockett I find that trade fine, but I see lockett as a boom/bust flex and gaskin as a backend rb2 (gets a bit of a value buff for rb scarcity)

I’d probably be done with the league.

Why suffer because other coaches are being petty?