Dynasty virgin

Afternoon guys,

I’m relatively new to FF, with a few years redraft experience under my belt, and we’re now taking the plunge with a dynasty league.

The draft is next week and I was wondering if you lot had any strategies for the draft and how it might differ from redraft?

I’ve the seventh pick, 12 team, .5 PPR.

In redraft I’d prioritise a workhorse back, is getting that 3 down back as imperative in dynasty? Who should I be realistically targeting in the seventh?

I’m envisioning Barkley, Zeke, Kamara, CMC & Nuke to be off the board as certainties, and then likely Gurley despite his knee issues. Who’s best of the rest? Odell? Mixon maybe? If Gurley is still there do you take him despite longevity / injury concerns?


If OBJ falls to you at 7, take him. However, every draft is different. Are your league mates new to dynasty? Are you able to trade picks?

If your league mates are experienced. I would expect Hopkins and OBJ to go in the top 4.

Comparative experience.
Cannot trade for picks at start-up.

I prefer to build through WR depth in fantasy. Shoot for Adams or OBJ if they are there and then shoot for Chubb on the way back.

draft for the situation. If the top 4\5 RB’s go off the board right away take the #1 WR @ 7. Then take a Mixon\Connor on the turn. Gordon sometimes falls to 7 though so id nab him over a WR

If the 5th or 6th pick break the ice with WR’s early then you should have a decent T1 RB @ 7

try a couple mocks

Oh man you’re going to love Dynasty. I would go for the best player available in 1st but deff look at the age. Age is important to Rb’s more than it is to Wr.

I think obj should be possible with pick 7. But i would go try to get a tier1 Rb like kamara or cmc.

Also keep in mind that its dynasty you might get bargains like Hunt just because he suspended now people might not burn a pick on them. But after week 8 you might have a great rb for many years.