Dynasty - Waddle & Tyreek dilemma

Hey Footclan,

I have both Tyreek and Waddle in a SF dynasty league. I’m thinking about trying to move one of them before the season. Who would you move and who would you try to target?

QB Mahomes, Brady, Tannehill
RB McCaffrey, Najee, Ekeler, Fournette, Etienne, Stevenson
WR Tyreek, Waddle, Pittman, Godwin, Olave, Garrett Wilson, Skyy Moore, Mooney
TE Knox, Geseiki, Kmet, McBride


I would trade Tyreek, hold Waddle.
I would target Etienne straight up, or maybe Olave Stevenson package.

My bad, I should’ve said the team I listed there was my team :joy::joy: I tend to agree about trading Tyreek though.

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The biggest problem I see is I don’t know what anyone thinks Tyreek is worth with Tua as his QB.? There needs to be some active reps in games to really establish any value.
He is tier 1, but I wouldn’t trade a tier one for him as of now.

Thanks for your reply Andrew, that’s exactly the problem I’m having trading him right now, and I don’t see Tua realistically supporting two top WR options.

I guess the best hope is that Tyreek flashes and the value returns, quite a quandary to have hahaha